Saturday, November 20, 2010

Solar Success!!

The team received a set of solar panels from Goal0, a company out of Salt Lake City that wanted to support the Antarctica climb.  I don't have much experience with powerful solar cells, so was very surprised when I walked outside today and heard my iPhone start charging before I even set the things up!  It's cloudy out today (about time- it's Nov after all) and this little sucker was pumping 7W of juice to the phone, which is quite finicky about the power it receives.

Bottom Line:  I'm impressed!!  Goal0 started from a guy's need for better power while doing humanitarian work in the Congo.  From that came some pretty amazing (light weight) tools.  We're going to use one of these Nomad 7's in Antarctica to charge our SAT phone, cameras, and iPods, so we wanted to test it out and get familiar.  It passes the test big time.  Now to see how it works in -40F!

--==Climb High, Fly Low==--

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Anonymous said...

How did the Nomad panel perform on your trip to Antarctica? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's interested in hearing about your experiences with it!!

Greetings from Norway :)