Friday, November 26, 2010

Charity Inspiration

Just woke up after a restful sleep here in Punta Arenas.  Looking forward to a hot breakfast and then a meeting with Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions.  It's mostly sunny here, windy, and just slightly chilly- nice.

I wanted to write about two people who recently made donations/pledges to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation on behalf of the USAF 7 Summits Challenge.  The most recent one came from Emma Prior, a high school junior from WI that we met on our flight from Puerto Mott into Punta.  She is an exchange student in Chile and after hearing our climbing story, said she wanted to make a SOWF donation.  She says, "I'll just give you everything I have right now"... pulls out her little purse and hands Graydon a wad of 6,100 Chilean pesos, roughly $13.  The kindness of a stranger can be unbelievably uplifting!

The other donor I'd like to mention will remain 'Anonymous'... this person is of average means, making no more than most people.  However he/she wrote us as we were in Miami and said, "I'll give you $25 per summit push up and $35/pushup for each one over 50!"  Talk about motivation!!  The donations will be made in memory of SrA Danny Sanchez, a Hurlburt Combat Controller who was killed in Afghanistan this Sept.  While Danny didn't have any children, the donor says he was an amazing person who could really play the drums well, made them laugh/smile, and they are sad terrorists took him away.  There is a chance we'll be able to get a recording or two of Danny going to town on his drum set played on Antarctica... we're told he'd like to be coming on the climb with us, so maybe the drum tribute will let him know he is.

--==Climb High, Fly Low==--

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