Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well, we made it to Chile! Can I get a little, "CHI CHI CHI".... "LEY LEY LEY"?? Muy bien! The 8hr flight from Miami was easy. Graydon, who only had one hour of sleep the night before, was out quickly. He almost had a huge problem when his night training flight was diverted to Alabama due to dense fog in Florida. Somehow a hole opened up in the fog and he landed back at home base just as the fog came back-- someone's looking out for us.

I told him we needed to get a 'good luck' beer here in Santiago, as we had several of 'em before the Aconcagua climb and that was a great success. So, here we are enjoying a pint of Cristal cerveza. Mmm... delicioso.

Funny side note- we saw two people in line for visas that looked at us and said, "We're on your Vinson trip." I'm thinking- I don't recognize you! But they said they saw a Tweet about our trip and knew it was us by the 'USAF 7 Summits' shirts we are wearing. Funny how that works, I didn't think anyone saw those Tweets. Guess I'll have to keep up with it now! The couple is going with the famous owner of Berg Adventures. Should be a good time for them, but I have to admit getting to spend time with the famous (or infamous?) Phil Ershler is where it's at.

More to come once we get to Punta Arenas. I have some great news about a person who made a sizeable pledge/challenge for the # of pushups knocked out on the summit... it has me motivated! --Rob

--==Climb High, Fly Low==--
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