Sunday, November 7, 2010


We are excited to announce the USAF 7 Summits Challenge will be taking on the fifth peak in its bid to climb the highest peak on each of the Earth's continents. On Nov 24th 2010 (less than a month!), two active duty airmen will take the Air Force flag south to the frozen continent of Antarctica. Over the three week trip, they will endure temperatures averaging -25F in order to climb the 16,067ft Vinson Massif, Antarctica's highest peak. To date, the team has successfully climbed Mt. McKinley (N. America), Mt. Aconcagua (S. America), Mt. Elbrus (Europe), and Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa) and are on track to being the first American military team to climb the famed 7 Summits.
Many of you already know the goal of the USAF 7 Summits Challenge: to not only put the Air Force into the record books, but to give both military members as well as the American public a positive event to rally around. Since the World Cup and the Olympics aren't on these days, cheering on this mountaineering team is an exciting way to get a little dose of patriotism!! We climb in memory of those Airmen that have fallen since 9/11 and in honor of all those who serve, both past and present. Additionally, we want to promote personal fitness and a sense of adventure, as the combination of these encourage people to expand their horizons and challenge themselves physically and mentally.

The first peak the team climbed was in 2005, after the crash of a USAF MC-130 and the loss of all 9 crewmembers. However the idea for the project began in 2001 after one of our member's visit to Everest Base Camp. It was there that the vision of the US Air Force flag flying from atop the highest point in the world was born. We can think of no better way to showcase the teamwork, camaraderie, pride, fitness, professionalism and drive found in America's Airmen than through this historic challenge. With your support, we will continue to gain the momentum necessary to climb Mt. Everest and hopefully lay the foundation for an ongoing adventure-fitness program throughout the Air Force.

There are three important ways to show your support!
==1st== If you use Facebook, link to the 'USAF 7 Summits Challenge' page. Our goal is to reach 1,000 supporters in the next month. The more support we can raise, the better position we will be to get the Air Force support necessary to climb Everest!
==2nd== Make a pledge or donation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the charity we have supported for the last 5 years. You can do so Sadly, we’ve seen it in action up close and in person, but it does an amazing job to help families when a love one is lost working in the dangerous Special Operations community. To date we’ve raised nearly $50,000 and we hope to double that soon!
==3rd== PASS THIS ALONG! Forward this e-mail to your family/friends/co-workers/anyone! How can we get people excited about American's pushing their limits and flying the US and Air Force flag around the world if they don't know about it?! Plus, we're always in need of sponsorship (everything is out of pocket so far), so if you know someone's company that might be interested in advertising through us (fly your company logo from the summit of Antarctica?!), send this their way!
Thanks for your support, whether you have been with us for the last five years or if this is the first you’ve heard of our program. We are EXCITED for the opportunity to take on this challenge and sure hope you’re along for the ride, as it’s more fun/rewarding with a crowd!

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