Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Air Force Team Near Summit!

The team is currently at 19,000ft on their way to the 20,300ft summit of Denali!  Mark called to say they were well underway and that he expected to reach the top at 6:30pm Alaskan time.  He reported there were broken clouds and moderate winds, but nothing that looked to be a real issue.  Everyone on the team is feeling healthy- no symptoms of altitude sickness, which is great news as it's the most significant factor that can stop an individual from ascending.  I hate to say it again, but the team is in high hopes!!

The 90th Fighter Squadron has an F-22 that is in the area of the mountain and they will be looking for the team.  If the weather permits, our folks should be getting a highly encouraging flyby from the world's most advanced fighter!

Stay tuned for final word as to todays exciting outcome-


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Katey said...

Pins and needles!! I've been checking the blog obsessively for the past two weeks and am thrilled to hear of the team being so close to the summit. Only a few more hours to go.
Go USAF 7 Summits!!
Go Tim!!