Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 June Update

I got a call from Mark late last night.  As always, it's tough to communicate, as the SatPhone doesn't let us talk very easily (hard to understand each other).  But that's far better than no communications at all!!  The team is still doing great.  Mark told me about the fantastic weather and even went into detail about the little puffy clouds that were around their camp and the bright sunshine they were spending most the day in.  He also mentioned the 'diamond dust', which are tiny ice particles that are suspended in the air and sparkle in the sunlight, was especially impressive.  

What I wouldn't give to be there with the team right now!!  My cold-weather body is aching to get away from this 90-degree heat and humidity of Florida.

Anyway, they were still on schedule, having just down-climbed to 9700ft, picked up their cache of food/fuel/equipment there, and returned to their camp at 11,200ft.  Hopefully today they were able to take some gear up to 13,500ft or 14,200ft, see how everyone was feeling at that altitude, and then descend back down to 11,200ft.  Tomorrow, as you can see by the schedule below, they will be sleeping about 14,000ft if all goes according to plan.

I'm also happy to mention that the Air Force fighter squadron at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska is working on a flyby of this historic climb.  A F-22 flyby would be fantastic, though any aircraft will be a great addition.  We're really hoping for a good picture of the team on the summit with the flags and maybe even a plane in the background (or a picture from the air, capturing the team on the summit).

So, everything continues to go well.  Thanks for all your support!!!  If you have any media contacts, we'd love to get this story out to more people.  I'd even be happy to just have a few extra people send out letters to their local newspapers/television stations/ and any other organization you think might help (including Congressmen/Senators!).

Climb High, Fly Low


David said...

Keep pressing on everyone!

I read an article on about your past and current accomplishments, and what you are doing for the families of fallen spec op warriors.

I look forward to reading the updates on your summit attempt on Denali.

USAF 80-92

USAF 7 Summits Challenge said...

Thanks Dave!! We'll keep the updates coming.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I am proud of what you are all accomplishing! congrats 1 Lt Gannon. See you in a few weeks.

Jeff-TSgt USAF
Eielson AFB AK.

Edie said...

I am soooo excited for the team and glad to hear they are having some good weather. Let's hope it keeps up! I, too, am sick of the heat and humidity, Rob. What I wouldn't give to be up there with them.

I'm also completely psyched about the fly-by. Let's hope it works!

Can't wait to hear more...

(USAF 7 Summits Kili climb '06)