Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Preparing for the Summit

I got a call around midnight from the team.  As in previous calls, Mark says everything is going very well and everyone is healthy and in high spirits.  The team is at the 17,000ft camp, just 3,000ft below the summit.  The weather has been great and the storm they were worried about didn't impact them.  The highlight of the short call was Mark said they were getting ready to push for the summit.  He said, "We'll go for it tomorrow if the weather holds out".  I'm not sure if he meant today, Tuesday the 10th, or tomorrow as in Wed the 11th.  Our conversation ended as the phone disconnected, so that's all I could get from them.

That means it's time to stay tuned, as the team is almost there!!!


Don said...

We're cheering for the team here in Anchorage! We've got scattered clouds and a fairly high ceiling today, but can't see Denali from town, but that doesn't meant they don't have a clear window up above!

(Go Tim Gannon!)

Edith said...

Pulling for them here in the heat of Jakarta! Go, team, go!