Thursday, May 28, 2009

Safe at 14k - Riding out a Storm

Thursday, May 28th
I received a brief call from Rob yesterday at about 2pm Denali time.  He said they had made it up to their 14,000' camp and now it was "nuking".  He said it was snowing a lot and the wind was blowing hard, but he seemed to be enjoying it!  We got cut off after about 30 seconds, so I wasn't able to pass any words on to him or to get any more information out of him.
In my experience being at 14,000' feet is the best place to be for a storm.  The team is high enough on the mountain that they are benefitting from the extra time and acclimation.  Its a lot warmer and easier on the body than being up at high camp too.  If they've got enough supplies to sit it out for a few days they'll be looking really good when the weather clears for a shot at the upper mountain.

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