Sunday, May 24, 2009

At Camp 2 9700' Tonight

It sounds like our guys have had a couple big days!  Here is another dispatch from our team written by Lara: 
May 23, 2009  Saturday
  Yesterday, Friday, our team finally were able to catch a flight into the Kahiltna Glacier. Here is what helpful Ralph sent me, saying, and i quote,  "I met the group early yesterday morning in Anchorage and helped transport them to Talkeetna.  What a great bunch of guys.  I think they are a strong group and the group dynamics look good.  I called Hudson Flying Service this morning and their pilot Jock Bondurant said he finally got them into Base camp on the Kahiltna Glacier around 6:00 p.m.  They are on their way now!" The first group left on their plane to the Glacier at 7:00 pm (with Karim, Dan and Tim), while the second group left at 8:30 pm (with John, Rob, and Andrew). When the second group arrived and the sleds were packed and ready, the group started their ascent to Camp 7,800 at 10:45 pm. My father informed me that the weather was good, not too cold and they very much enjoyed the view of the mountains and icy landscape. They arrived, after a long and treacherous walk, at 3:20 am. (This walk was  very hard and challenging because they had been awake for over 12 hours.) As quickly as they could, each in their own dreary sleepwalk, put up their tents and fell into a dreamless, deep sleep trying to recover from the ordeal of the day before. They awoke at around 8:00 am (Saturday) and broke their fast with partially frozen bagels and a hot drink. (Yummy!) Once getting everything ready (around noon) and in its place they started walking to Camp 9,700. Once reaching Camp 9,700, the team will rest for a little bit and then proceed to take half of the equipment up to Camp 11,000. Then they have to walk back down to Camp 9,700 and rest until the next awaking. Then i will have more information to contribute to everyone. 

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