Friday, May 22, 2009

News From Talkeetna

Hello Everyone,
          My name is Lara and i was asked by my father, Karim, to keep you guys in touch with the Denali expedition. I will be sending continuous emails letting you know of their progress. If anyone would like to be taken off of the list, please just send me an email telling me to do so. :)
Our team members:
            In case anyone is unfamiliar with One Voice One Call, (name chosen by me) this team is a group of 6 men who are going to be climbing the famous Mt. Denali (the highest mountain in North America) in the course of the next month (hopefully). Right now, the team has arrived at Anchorage. Kevin flew in on the weekend (one of the biggest supporters in this expedition!) , while Tim and John arrived Tuesday night, Dan Wednesday morning, followed by Karim, Andrew and Rob on Wednesday night.
            Kevin, Dan, Tim and John spent most of the day (Wednesday) purchasing the expedition food, what a sight, "Four guys trying to find their way in the intricate labyrinth of a grocery store".
       May 21 2009, Thursday
                Todays schedule includes, organizing and packing all the food and equipment, as well as getting any hard to find, missing climbing gear ready for the trip. They finished the preparations at 3 pm and are going to have a group meal later on. Last minute preparations will be after, and resting for tomorrow will proceed. Tomorrow they plan to leave at 7:30am. Ralph Baldwin (another major supporter, who lives in a small town in between Anchorage and Talkeetna. Also where Palin is from!) and Kevin will be taking them to Talkeetna. At noon there will be a NPS breifing and if the weather permits they fly to Kahiltna Glacier and begin the adventure...
* Quick Note: The name One Voice One Call represents the overall motivation of the team members. All the men are climbing together as one voice, but all of them have different calls or motives for climbing and being heard. This climb is a very important time for each and everyone of these men. I am personally very proud of this group and i wish them the safest, most exciting and fulfilling climb of their lives :) *
          Please if anyone would like to add anything or have me post something just reply, telling me what to write and what you would like to say!
                        "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messanger
                         who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation,
                         the news that the God of Israel reigns!"
                                               -Isaiah 52:7
                                                                            Lara <3

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