Friday, May 22, 2009

Leaving for Talkeetna

Howdy everyone!  Just a quick note to say we're doing great here in Alaska.  It's early morning on the 22nd and we are just about to leave for Talkeetna.  Once there, we will get a briefing from the National Park Service on Denali rules and safety issues.  Then we'll load up into planes from Hudson Air and fly onto the glacier.  From here on out, Mark Uberuaga will be spreading the news we send out.  If I can upload a picture in time, I'll try it!
Hopefully I'll run into several other Air Force climbers who are flying onto the glacier this morning.  We will have quite the mixed group climbing near each other- Air Force, Army, and Navy special operations... quite the joint effort!
Climb High, Fly Low-  Rob

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