Thursday, June 4, 2009


Great news from Lara:

This is it! Our team has summited Denali successfully! Congratulations One Voice One Call, you have finally reached your goal!
June 4, 2009 Thursday
 I received a call from my father today informing me of their very happy news. Only three of our team were able to summit though, (out of the original 6) they were: Karim, Tim, and Andrew. Dan stayed at camp 17000 with symptoms of dehydration. With the Lord's protection, yesterday at 7:20 pm they summited Mt. Denali. Even though they were only 3 physically, the team felt the presence of two more souls at that mountain top. Thomas Maholic and Thomas Valentine were present in the hearts and memories of their friends. This is where our team realized that our greatest heroes will always live on, through their actions, words, and their remembrance. Not only has the group reached their goal of summiting to the top, but they have also fulfilled their call. Looking out at the Mountain range surrounding them, the team took pictures of the majestically, icy landscape and smiled at each other. The unrealistic beauty of the blue-white snow peaks seemed to smile back too.  Pulling themselves away from the image of staying on that summit forever, they packed up their cameras and pictures and started to descend back down to their camp. On their way down they met up with the Dutch group that they had previously met at camp 14000 during the storm. Many congratulations and touching words were passed, then the two groups went their own way, our team back to camp 17000, while the Dutch group went up to the summit and to experience the same emotions our team went through just before. Then our team arrived at camp 17000 (where Dan is) at 10:40 pm, they rested, packed up their equipment, and plan to then descend back to 14000 where John is. Finally each of the men will make their way down to base camp and be on their way home, each following  their own paths back to civilization. 

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