Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rob is Off the Mountain - Team goes for the Summit

Thursday, June 4:
Rob called yesterday from Talkeetna to let me know he'd made it back off of the mountain safely.  We didn't get to talk about the trip much, but he sounded like he was in high spirits. 
Below is an update from Lara regarding the rest of the team:  
Hello Everyone,
I Just wanted you all to know that the day that we have been waiting for has finally come! Today our men are attempting to summit the mighty Mt. Denali!
June 3, 2009  Wednesday
Today i got a quick message from my father updating me about the previous days. On Monday the Team stayed at Camp 14000 because the weather was still bad. It snowed a lot and was sad to see how Rob said goodbye to the mountain. He left to base camp and is hoping to arrive at Anchorage sometime this week. Good luck Rob and we hope you make a safe and successful descent! Tuesday was the day that our team again packed up all their equipment and moved to camp 17000, John however, had to descent along with Rob. The blisters on his feet got so bad that he couldn't climb the challenging Walking Ridge. It is said that the Ridge is very hazardous, thanks to the high winds and unsteady pathway, also climbers have the feeling of being blown off the mountain (literally!). The group arrived at Camp 17000 at 7 pm after a long and aggressive trek. They quickly made igloos of snow and ice, heated up a quick meal, and rested their tired bodies into a peaceful and deep sleep. Today they woke up excited to actually be thinking in their heads "Today we will reach the top!... Finally!" When my dad left me the message he said that they would be leaving at around 12 pm or 1:00 pm. I will hopefully receive a call tonight informing me of their success and I will send out an email either tonight, or if it's too late, tomorrow! Let's keep them in our thoughts tonight and pray the weather doesn't interfere.

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