Monday, June 1, 2009

FW: Denali '09

Here is the latest update form Lara.  I haven't heard from Rob yet, but I'll update you all as soon as I do.
       May 31, 2009  Sunday
Congratulations to our team!! They did the half carry to camp 17000 and it was very successful. Once in Camp 17000 they unloaded the food and equipment and cashed out the food (meaning digging a hole and stuffing everything in there). It was a hard climb because it was the first time they had crossed the headwall. The highest obstacle on the mountain. The team needed to climb with ropes and that was also the most technical part. The wind was high and the temperature was extremely cold! Then the group returned back to camp 14000 to wait for the storm to pass. On saturday they awoke to high winds in the high camp so they just stayed put. The highlight of the day was when John honored and carried out the ceremony of Tim's promotion. This was done in Camp 14000 in Denali, Alaska. The team has been amusing themselves by joking around with Tim. Finding out the biggest honor of your career by Pinkkitty1214... but hey I think that's an honor in itself! Just kidding, Congratulations to Tim! The ceremony was very nice and unique, Tim was holding a flag in 50mph winds, everyone was in bright yellow and orange snow suits, and don't forget the beards. The weather on the other hand is not being very nice, the storm is said to continue on it's very unwelcome trek for 4 to 5 days more. The team is waiting for a break to climb up to camp 17000 and then prepare for a break in the weather to summit. Rob however will be descending to Base camp tomorrow. His time has run out and all the planes are stopped, so no planes into the Glacier and zero coming out. Let's wish Rob a safe return. I wish everyone a blessed week!

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