Sunday, February 11, 2007


So, this is the first blog of what will hopefully be a great collection of writings. Thanks for stopping by and supporting the USAF 7 Summits Challenge. Hopefully we'll get a serious website makeover this spring so everything will be contained on our mainpage. Until then, check into this blog for updates on our current and future climbs.

Tomorrow we'll be leaving for Mendoza, Argentina and our 18-day climb of Mt. Aconcagua. There won't be any chances to update the blog from on the mountain (unless we get really lucky and mooch off someone w/ a sat uplink), but you can bet we'll keep it up to date as much as possible.

Thanks again for stopping by and here's an e-toast to a safe and successful summit!!

Climb High, Fly Low-

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will said...


Just got an email forwarded by James. Sounds like a hardcore adventure you guys are on. I will be sure to sponsor you some sterling.