Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Buenas Dias!

Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina!! Everyone made it into this beautiful town without incident and we even have all of our bags (far better luck than we had w/ luggage on the Russia trip). The weather is nice, with temps in the 80s and slight breeze to keep it from getting too sticky. The flights down here were long, but the layovers were the hard part. We were lucky to all meet up in Santiago, Chile, where we spent 8 hours in the airport terminal eating and drinking while catching up on each others´ lives. Justin and Heidi had never met, though they got right to telling all the stories they had on me... gotta love when friends bring out some stories you had either forgotten or hoped would never come up again! After quite a few beers we ended up in Mendoza, but not after getting a view of Mt. Aconcagua from the airplane (looks big!). Here in Mendoza we are staying at El Portal Hotel ( If anyone needs to reach us, this will be the place for the next two nights.

So far we´ve been walking all over Mendoza, enjoying some delicious food and drinks. The people are all real friendly and we're enjoying the fresh warm air! Today was just a laid back day of sleeping in, getting food, and soon we´ll be meeting up with the folks on our climb and heading out to a gear store to pick up any last second items and rent any gear we might need. Our guide, Tom Torkelson, is a nice dude from Jackson, Wyoming. Seems like we have some good folks to climb with, so it should be quite enjoyable to get to know them all.

That´s about it from Mendoza! All is well, though we wish the rest of you were here with us, enjoying the local steak and great weather. I´m sure many of you wish you were here as well! Have a great day and stay tuned for more info as it comes!

Cheers- Rob
Climb High, Fly Low

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Marcos said...

Well, Roberto, has Heidi seen any attractive men?
Su Padre

Edie said...

Hope you get a chance to meet up with Sebastian and his friends in Mendoza on the 3rd!! Have a glass of local wine (malbec & tempranillo are my favorites), parilla, empanadas, and chimichurri for me. And make sure Heidi keeps her hands off Seba - I have been working on him to be MY tango partner for a long time!

Tu tanguera Hermana