Thursday, December 9, 2010

USAF7Summits Team Reaches Summit of Mt. Vinson!

Our team made an 8-hour push to the summit of Mt. Vinson at 1720 today, December 9th.  Rob said the weather could not have been better.  Temps were approximately -10F to -15F, and the wind was calm.  Our team completed a variation of the regular route and climbed the Vinson headwall to a great ridge that took them to the top.  The climbing was "phenomenal," and at the summit, the team flew Old Glory, the USAF flag and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation banner.  Rob wants to thank all of the donors who supported them on this epic journey.  The legendary climbing guide Phil Ershler and Rob teamed up and cranked out 110 push-ups on the summit!

When I spoke to the guys, they were getting ready to rack out at Camp 2.  They plan on getting a brief rest tonight and then they are going to pack up and haul ass down the fixed ropes to base camp. From there they will catch the twin otter to Union Glacier and then fly off the ice.  Rob said he's ready for a hot shower, and Graydon said today was awesome; he really loved the Ershler variation they climbed to the summit. 

Biggest hurdle left for our guys is getting back to base camp before the next storm roles in.  Let's hope they don't have any extra tent time! -Mark

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