Sunday, March 4, 2007


Thanks to a 9 hour layover here in Santiago, Chile, I've been able to get a good chunk of photos online for all your viewing pleasure. CLICK HERE for the photos and a new window with a slideshow should appear. If it doesn't, the link is at the bottom of this blog entry. Please leave comments and let us know what you think of them! More pictures (from Heidi and Justin's cameras) will be added as we get them organized. It's 1730 over here and we still have 5 more hours until we board the red-eye flight back to Dallas. We sprung for the entrace fee to get into a VIP lounge... well worth it, as there is unlimited internet, quite seats to read in, and lots of food and drinks. We can't wait to get back to America. This has been a lot of fun, but we're worn out and ready to get back to friends, family, and yes, work!

For two videos from the summit, click here:

Photo address, incase link doesn't work above:


Edie said...

LOVE the photos - the mountains are so crisp and clear I can almost smell them! What a great trip. Wish I could have joined you, but I'll go next year with Seba... Whereto next?

Love, E

Edie said...

Oh, and the vids? You are Da Bomb!

Seamus O'Connor said...

Hello to all USAF 7 Summits Challenge members,

My name is Seamus O'Connor, and I write for Air Force Times. I'd like to write your group up in our newspaper, so if any members are willing to give an interview, I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me soon if you can: or 703.750.8667.

Seamus O'Connor